Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Page fourty oh na na, what's my name?

why the eff not??? Love it and Love the lovely lady who did it!!! Linda from "Do" hair salon downtown Vancouver! moa!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Page thirty-nine street girl or ballerina

So, it's no secret that fashion is a form of self expression. We can't help judge someone based on first impression. So then, when you wake up to get dressed, how do you best represent yourself that day? I personally have a few favorite personas. Margot Tennenbaum or Emily the strange, Rihanna/ghetto urban get yo nails did girl, professional all business, and going to the island super natural back to my roots girl.
Speaking of ghetto urban get yo nails did girl....a picture of my nails, black with white hearts...cute right???
Willow Smith, love her! and hope you can see her nails for W magazine. They even attached a chain with a "W" hanging on one nail.
I also may or may not have a little obsession with Hello Kitty....so I'm pretty in love with the third picture.
The last picture is a Vancouver girl with a blog http://candy-paint.tumblr.com/ nice to see.

Page thirty-eight vintage

I've been a little lost for words on this....it's beautiful! First of all, I've always loved these tones.... lavender, cement grey, mauve, taupe, cream and nude pink etc....it always makes me think of buttery leather bags and the same tube of lipstick for years your grandmother has. Everything looks and smells like the memory of seeing your navy man off to war or something! Anyways....the following photo is of my grandmother, Selmina's, vanity...."vanity" need I say more???

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Page thirty-seven Unpredictable

Amanda...First day I saw her, she came clicking into class wearing heels that certainly looked vintage, and certainly could have been. I drew my eye up from her feet, seeing her two lip piercings and a fairly unimpressed look...not with anyone in particular, just someone who takes fashion seriously and isn't just about liking to shop. She sat in the FAR corner of the class and it was completely obvious to me you'd never find her walking out with pants that say TNA on the ass! haha...anyways, she's always intrigued me. This outfit is a perfect! A plaid print knit skirt, a beautifully fitted navy vest, a bow tie AND! a sweater clip! It wasn't until I saw this outfit that I began thinking about sweater clips...I've added an image of an amazing sweater clip from Etsy with owls on it! They have lots more including black roses with a pearl strand connecting them. So far, I think she likes vintage silhouettes and resurrecting styles and elements people haven't seen in a while...something that's not easy to do.

Page thirty-six flowers and fishnets

So, there's some new girls in our class...a new rotation on style....like my own personal fashion show every morning! It's interesting to see who buys from Holt Renfrew and who buys straight off the mannequin and who pieces together little findings like Christina! A risky little floral dress, a deep red knit cardigan PERFECT for this time of year....crisp, sun poking through changing leaves.....just in case you've mistaken her sweet smile for someone new and vulnerable...she wore it with fishnets and lace-up boots! Sitting behind her in some classes, I've also noticed the three hearts tattooed behind her ear and a more elaborate tattoo of something, I forget, on her back... and some others.

There's a pretty solid group of girls with style...all quite different...each outfit telling me something about them. But I guess that's what fashion is....and expression of yourself? hmmmm

Thursday, 7 October 2010

page thirty-five SAD MAG

A ridiculously innovative and visually artistic magazine called "Sad Mag," is celebrating one year in publishing this Saturday at the Cultch! (East Van Cultural Centre.) The magazine is based in Vancouver and features the lives and work of residents as seen through writers and visual artists based in the lower mainland area. My friend Korey was one of the artist who created this amazing piece for the cover (her website is listed in "oh but you must!")

The information is as follows:

We're bringing the magazine to life on stage, spotlighting some of Vancouver's most innovative young artists, organizers and performers.

Hosted by CBC Radio 3's Lana Gay, SAD MAG LIVE features live, on-stage interviews with:

CAMERON REED (Director, Music Waste)
GRAEME BERGLUND (Founder and Creative Director, The Cheaper Show)
LIZZY KARP (Co-Founder, Rain City Chronicles)
DAVE DEVEAU (Managing Director, Zee Zee Theatre)

With performances by:

SAMMY CHIEN (+ guests)

This event is a fundraiser benefiting the Sad Mag Writers & Artists Fund. Tickets are $18 and can be purchased from https://tickets.thecultch.com/ or at the box office. The cost of your ticket includes a copy of Sad Mag issue 5.

Sad Mag Live is generously sponsored by The Cultch and CBC Radio 3.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Page thirty-four Lee Alexander McQueen

Last Monday a memorial service was held for the incredibly talented Alexander Mcqueen. In our Fashion Awareness class in school, we were asked to do a biography on either a Japanese or British designer and Alexander is who I chose. I was so emotionally moved and inspired by what we had learned about him and the collections we had watched in class that I felt compelled and honored to have the opportunity to write my biography on him. Many writers and bloggers got the chance to commemorate him as he, on February 11th, 2010, committed suicide. This is my project. My way of reflecting on a fashion genius, his works of art and their execution and how Lee Alexander McQueen left a huge void in the fashion world.

The plexi-glass cover and back represents the glass case that surrounded the stage during "Voss." The white fabric bow spray painted in yellow and black, is inspired by the show he did where model, Shalom Harlow ran around stage and was caught between two mechanical automotive spray paint arms that sprayed yellow and black paint on her white dress as she twirled around on a platform.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Page thirty-three A Single girl

If you could go back and live during one era, which one would it be? I can't decide...I used to think I'd like to live in the twenties, but after attending my friend Korey's "Fabulousness" party (I'll tell you all about it later) I may have a little crush on the sixties! If you haven't seen the movie "A Single Man" directed by Tom Ford....YOU MUST! There's a scene where Julian Moore is smoking Sobranie cigarettes and drinking a cocktail and applying enough eyeliner to compete with Cleopatra! I love it! So, there it is, on my regular line of lashes, and in the crease of my eyelid! I could have called everyone "Da-ling!" that night! Accompanied by my fur and a black cocktail dress I certainly did feel fabulous!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Page thirty-two poor Joey

Today Amelia wore an army green jumber, an oversized linen blazer and boots. Pretty simple, easy and wearable...if your ass doesn't stretch the bottom part of the jumper like mine does and throw off the proportions of the suit...anyways! Of course it's all about her accessories! Florescent pink nail polish, a HUGE amber jewelled and gold coloured ring, big funky sunglasses and last and most certainly not least....her patchwork fur satchel style bag. What is it made out of you ask? well baby kangaroo fur of course!! I'm not a supporter of killing animals for fur, but it's vintage. I have some vintage fur pieces and I guess for arguments sake, should you not wear it if someone's all ready killed it a lllooonnng time ago? Perhaps it shouldn't be allowed anymore, but for the pieces that are all ready done, they should be appreciated non? Kangaroo fur is a new one to me however.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Page thirty-one vintage confections

Pink, lime, lemon, lavender and icing blue! My little deserts! They look beautiful in their vintage dresses!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Page thirty Sweet Dimension

Like a cute little blond pixie she came in wearing an outfit like none other. Kate keyes (works at Skout and attends school with me) was wearing a heart shaped one piece with side leg square cut outs. The top is more feminine and had a slight texture to it and the bottom was strong, loose fitting and architectural. The outfit is from Motel and the blazer is from Zara. Don't judge a blond by their cover...me being brunette I have a hard time with this...anyways, she has the utmost respect for fashion and definitely knows how to achieve an edgy look but with a 'take me seriously' appearance.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Page twenty-eight almost famous fall

One of the first and best transitions from hot, sticky, sweaty horrible summer into crisp, cool, cozy fall! Meme Brooks...she wore a knit sweater over some kind of top (I dunno) belted which is the best part! much better than a shapeless old sweater (although they have their place too!!) a beautiful long skirt...which I'm going to take a second to explain that I'm almost through with short short hemlines...atleast with skirts, I like shorter skirts with tights, especially pleated ones...but it's so refreshing seeing a longer hemline, it almost feels new again!....now, the final touch is the frye boots...purchased last year at Rowansky...and they only get better with age! It's like she belongs in....some movie, I'll get back to that....anyways, I especially like the colour palette and pattern...moving into Autumn colours, sage greens, a little yellow, steel blue and brown...the skirt in a paisley type pattern looks somewhat bohemian but the over all silhouette is very put together! and to think, she was just coming over for a late night visit! Makes me think of the song 'spirit in the sky' for some reason...

Page twenty-seven Toms and Harem pants

Harem pants seem to 'finally' be making it to Vancouver! I feel like they've already been worn for a season, but oh wait, that's in Europe and I've just seen them in Vogue UK a thousand times so, pretend like you don't know.....I'm a bit undecided about this style however, I actually LOVE them in the sense that they're super comfortable and look great with a pair of multi-buckled high heels. I also like the exotic reference to India and to Poiret and his ethnic influenced fashion. Men, on the other hand, and those not interested in the fashion world, see them as 'dumpy' or MC Hammer pants...What do they know???

I LOVE that Linda wore them with a black lose fitting top that connects the pieces and doesn't make it look piece-ey. I also LOVE that she added an acid wash, cropped jean jacket with ruffled shoulders! The shoes are TOMS...I'm sad to say I hadn't heard of them until this moment. But now I know, and I won't forget! Blake Mycoskie created the idea while traveling and realizing how many kids were shoeless. So for every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair goes to a kid in need! I can't say enough about when fashion figures out a way to give back...so many people feel fashion is solely materialistic, and besides the fact that it is an art form and a form of self expression, it can also be a way to make a difference.

Page twenty-six Chanel up close

It's one thing to see Chanel, sitting pretty in the windows...too beautiful to touch and wondering if you wore something remotely good enough so you can walk in...It's another thing, to see Chanel up close, in person. There it was, real life, in MY living room, a vintage, brown leather quilted Chanel bag! My friend Alex borrowed it from her friend, "You know you're a good friend when..." Anyways, there's nothing quite like it...I almost think I love 'vintage' Chanel more than new....Who's was it? Where did they take it? What did they wear it with? My imagination wanders back to the twenties usually, with flapper dresses and long cigarette holders and cocktails and dancing and finger waved hair...but this bag is too big to be twenties...hmmm

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Page twenty-five Chanel

aaaahhhhh Chanel! I wonder what's to come?!
Even in transition you are beautiful!

Page twenty-four Bra Burner

Amelia Drinkrow...she's a hippy at heart...and she thinks a lot I've noticed. I can see her looking at people and studying what they're saying and thinking things...All of what she's wearing is from Value Village, or VV Boutique as my best friends mom says. I wish there were more hippies around.

Her accessories are perfect because they're not perfect...they didn't come from a set package from Le Chateau, they were collected. They were worn together because she felt like it...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Page twenty-three Nippon

This is Amber, who's generally girly to the point of jewels and pink and butterflies...but today...I could relate...today, it was floral but almost a Japanese graphic floral! Egyptian sandals and edgy hair pulled back in a carefree bun that made it perfect for a day of excruciating heat!