Sunday, 25 July 2010

Page twenty-five Chanel

aaaahhhhh Chanel! I wonder what's to come?!
Even in transition you are beautiful!

Page twenty-four Bra Burner

Amelia Drinkrow...she's a hippy at heart...and she thinks a lot I've noticed. I can see her looking at people and studying what they're saying and thinking things...All of what she's wearing is from Value Village, or VV Boutique as my best friends mom says. I wish there were more hippies around.

Her accessories are perfect because they're not perfect...they didn't come from a set package from Le Chateau, they were collected. They were worn together because she felt like it...

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Page twenty-three Nippon

This is Amber, who's generally girly to the point of jewels and pink and butterflies...but today...I could, it was floral but almost a Japanese graphic floral! Egyptian sandals and edgy hair pulled back in a carefree bun that made it perfect for a day of excruciating heat!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Page twenty-two Roadie

Imagine yourself at a let's say...Fritz Helder and the Phantoms concert, at let's say...the Biltmore or something....Yelling to your friend over the noise, "this is f*#kin rad!" Before this, you didn't know what to wear so you threw on your favorite T-shirt from a concert you wish you were alive to go to, a vintage skirt and a shit load of accessories! It's not like you put on look cute! but the cute turns into hot because you're so excited about the show that whatever you're wearing is now the uniform for being "the coolest chic ever!" THIS is how these girls, Kyla and Robyn dress every day! Every morning they come into class like, wherever they were before, you should've been! and wherever they're going later, is probably sold out! Yes Robyn has orange highlights in her hair, and they're saaweeet! It wasn't important to find out where they're clothes were from exactly because, as she (Kyla) exhaled from her cigarette and laughed she said..."uh ya, this is mostly from vintage stores!" and that's why it's not something you find on the racks at H&M. Love these girls!

Monday, 5 July 2010

Page twenty-one Foot Presents

Matiko sandals...from Rowan Sky...the beautiful Martina helped me pick them out! I suggest you visit this store...seriously suggest

Page twenty Men and accessories

Men and accessories...they don't have to wear them...but the one's who do...well? they don't realize how much it says about them! Take my friend Ian for instance...he's constantly spotless! pristine! whites stay white and brights stay bright! but not just that...because if it were just that, he might seem a little's that everything has a purpose. Each piece is chosen for a art! This watch doesn't JUST tell time...look at it! it's beautiful! and it's not the only one he has either! just like his shoes and hoodies and winter is treated like art...just like it should be! Also, he knows what time it is....ha.

Page nineteen I see

ummmm totally 30's!!! Love it!!! also worn in the 40's and the 70's...but LOVE!!! How many people can pull these off I'd like to know? And if they could pull them off, who would choose such a risky style over something predictable and staple like a good Jackie O pair of sunglasses? And...they're all over the Elle UK July it!

Page eighteen Jenica

Jenica...The girl has about eighteen wedding's a year and they're all family! SO! Obviously she has to buy a different dress for each wedding, as the same people attend each one! poor thing...right...None the less...she has perfect taste for each one! Floral, vintage, funky, colourful, simple, neutral, not too short, feminine, weather appropriate and all the right accessories, NEVER over done!