Monday, 27 September 2010

Page thirty-four Lee Alexander McQueen

Last Monday a memorial service was held for the incredibly talented Alexander Mcqueen. In our Fashion Awareness class in school, we were asked to do a biography on either a Japanese or British designer and Alexander is who I chose. I was so emotionally moved and inspired by what we had learned about him and the collections we had watched in class that I felt compelled and honored to have the opportunity to write my biography on him. Many writers and bloggers got the chance to commemorate him as he, on February 11th, 2010, committed suicide. This is my project. My way of reflecting on a fashion genius, his works of art and their execution and how Lee Alexander McQueen left a huge void in the fashion world.

The plexi-glass cover and back represents the glass case that surrounded the stage during "Voss." The white fabric bow spray painted in yellow and black, is inspired by the show he did where model, Shalom Harlow ran around stage and was caught between two mechanical automotive spray paint arms that sprayed yellow and black paint on her white dress as she twirled around on a platform.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Page thirty-three A Single girl

If you could go back and live during one era, which one would it be? I can't decide...I used to think I'd like to live in the twenties, but after attending my friend Korey's "Fabulousness" party (I'll tell you all about it later) I may have a little crush on the sixties! If you haven't seen the movie "A Single Man" directed by Tom Ford....YOU MUST! There's a scene where Julian Moore is smoking Sobranie cigarettes and drinking a cocktail and applying enough eyeliner to compete with Cleopatra! I love it! So, there it is, on my regular line of lashes, and in the crease of my eyelid! I could have called everyone "Da-ling!" that night! Accompanied by my fur and a black cocktail dress I certainly did feel fabulous!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Page thirty-two poor Joey

Today Amelia wore an army green jumber, an oversized linen blazer and boots. Pretty simple, easy and wearable...if your ass doesn't stretch the bottom part of the jumper like mine does and throw off the proportions of the suit...anyways! Of course it's all about her accessories! Florescent pink nail polish, a HUGE amber jewelled and gold coloured ring, big funky sunglasses and last and most certainly not least....her patchwork fur satchel style bag. What is it made out of you ask? well baby kangaroo fur of course!! I'm not a supporter of killing animals for fur, but it's vintage. I have some vintage fur pieces and I guess for arguments sake, should you not wear it if someone's all ready killed it a lllooonnng time ago? Perhaps it shouldn't be allowed anymore, but for the pieces that are all ready done, they should be appreciated non? Kangaroo fur is a new one to me however.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Page thirty-one vintage confections

Pink, lime, lemon, lavender and icing blue! My little deserts! They look beautiful in their vintage dresses!