Monday, 27 September 2010

Page thirty-four Lee Alexander McQueen

Last Monday a memorial service was held for the incredibly talented Alexander Mcqueen. In our Fashion Awareness class in school, we were asked to do a biography on either a Japanese or British designer and Alexander is who I chose. I was so emotionally moved and inspired by what we had learned about him and the collections we had watched in class that I felt compelled and honored to have the opportunity to write my biography on him. Many writers and bloggers got the chance to commemorate him as he, on February 11th, 2010, committed suicide. This is my project. My way of reflecting on a fashion genius, his works of art and their execution and how Lee Alexander McQueen left a huge void in the fashion world.

The plexi-glass cover and back represents the glass case that surrounded the stage during "Voss." The white fabric bow spray painted in yellow and black, is inspired by the show he did where model, Shalom Harlow ran around stage and was caught between two mechanical automotive spray paint arms that sprayed yellow and black paint on her white dress as she twirled around on a platform.

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