Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Page thirteen Man with the pearl shoes

I'm still kicking myself for not having my camera on me about three classes ago, when Brian was wearing the most amazing lilac coloured jeans with black cut off leather gloves etc etc other cool items. None the less, he's yet to disappoint, and today was not exception! I was sitting in class when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, glimmering pearlescent shoes! They're very CHANEL I think...Karl Lagerfeld would LOVE them! Maybe not Coco herself, but Karl for sure! Of course they're from Hong Kong...or "HK" as my Korean friend Ninette would say (everything's abbreviated these days.) So is his shirt...he is however wearing a very weather appropriate coat from Burberry in Vancouver. Certainly a handsome ensemble.

Now, Sandra... Precious! Everyday I look forward to turning around and seeing under the table what interesting footwear her or Jes will have on! Today, green satin ballet flats! Her top is a cat. A very graphic one that reminds me of Mondrian's "Red, Yellow and Blue" paintings...I think that for such a fun shirt, it's actually quite sophisticated non? tucked into high wasted black shorts and paired with a black leather jacket...sweet and simply...I like! I also like...ok I LOVE! her heart-shaped jeweled ring by Marc Jacobs! I don't know if I believe that less is more... sometimes I think "more is more!" granted that was quoted by Korey who has been mentored by drag queens...but about the's more! and with out would be less.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Page twelve Hippy meets mod

My ladies, Amy and Michelle (Meme Brooks.) Michelle is the best at creating an outfit you would NEVER see on a mannequin! I love the mix of patterns...kind of a 70's, winter cabin knit cardy, woven belt, jean skirt, "shocking pink" tights that tie in the scarf and tan leather, perforated boots that give the whole out fit a casual, "let's go to an outdoor concert" kind of feel!

So...vintage can come from many different eras...Amy is lady who LOVES art history! We always talk about how she'll be curating in a fabulous gallery, like Charlotte in Sex and the City! It seems fitting that here, she's embraced a 50's kind of pop art/twiggy look! The black and white contrast, black "go-go-ish" boots and short pixie cut are super "Mod." And if you look closely...there are little fabric covered buttons on her beautifully stitched white blouse, and her tweed-ish dress give it texture and a girly dimension.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Page eleven Jess

I'm not a big fan of summer. It's hot...your legs stick to the seats on buses, you're sweating before you even get to work or school, you can't sleep, and tanning only makes me think of how leathery I'll look in 15 years...but it's coming. And there are lots of people who think I'm crazy and can't wait for heat, sun and tanning and pretty little spring/summer outfits!

That being said, this is one of the first signs of spring I've seen...and liked!

This is Jes. GIrly, but not too girly. The shirt is amazing! Floral, loose, and with a bit of a vintage feel. It's especially amazing because of the contrast it has against the super edgy black tights, black, wedge lace-up shoes and Marc Jacobs clutch. She's lovely! Also a girl who doesn't go out of her way to be center of attention, but certainly sweet, certainly stylish and although I don't know her super well right now...seems to have a personality as edgy as her outfit!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Page ten "yes dear?!"

If you want to see a girl who encompasses everything vintage, I must introduce you to Korey. We decided it was unfortunate she wasn't living during the 50's. Although I'm not sure how that era would've responded to her involvement in so many drag queen fashion shows and the rest of her "colourful" (as my grandmother would say) lifestyle! You will be seeing more of Korey in this blog, but for now...please appreciate her beautiful vintage 50's style dress that fits her to perfection, her tinted red lips and diamond necklace and the fact that the gays and queens have taught her to pose for the camera!

Michelle. Soon to be Meme Brooks. It was her birthday on Tuesday. On Monday night we dressed up vintage...kind of. She wore a nautical inspired dress, with kind of pop vintage mary jane shoes and big beautiful hoops! I wore a black and white striped dress and a fur stole. Not just any fur however, a REAL mink fur recently given to me from my mom who snagged it from my great's one of the most beautiful things I posses!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Page nine The Tenenbaum

My first day of fashion school was last Monday. My look was inspired by one of my favorite movie characters, Margot Tenenbaum.

I suppose it's not a very, "come introduce yourself to me!" kind of look...but it allows me to observe more and not appear to be competing with any girls who are head to toe fashion brand perfection.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Page eight Broken down truck girl

It's like, an image of a girl who's truck broke down only, instead of the hot sweaty guy coming to fix it for her...she's can fix it herself! It's French...of course it is! Now, I know this is a blog based on Vancouver style, so I thought I'd mention that some of their wickedly beautiful footwear is living in a store in Yaletown called Rowansky!

Vintage, carefree, comfortable, feminine, and super chill...(that's a technical fashion term)

Page seven Char

Cherlyn (pronounced charlene.) My gorgeous Filipino friend! She's an Interior Designer. She is graceful, patient and has a beautiful spirit! She can wear a Canucks t-shirt and make it look fashionable, as her hair is always done, and it would be paired with the perfect accessories and appropriate yet stylish boots! She likes to steal her sister's clothes... but she knows how to wear them.

I like this belt. It's grey and glossy! Two of my favorite things...I'll explain later.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Page six Lindza

This is Linda. She works at DO hair salon downtown Vancouver (and we've been friends for ages) and is constantly inspiring people's next move in fashion. She says, "Oh my god I totally want that canvas hand bag with Buddhas on it!" (in a slight bronx accent) and next thing you know, religious inspired handbags are being bought up by three or four of her closest friends. Haha!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Pagefive no Uggs in sight

My Soul friend (like soul mates but friends, more than best) Lia bought new moccasin shoes from Umeboshi! They're beautiful! Hand cut soft suede in a warm taupe colour, woven intricately in the back with tassels. The little shoe package is all bound by long, tan leather laces that tie around the ankles! No Ugg boots here! Nope! those are for Australian surfers who've just come out of the water and want to keep their feet warm...last time I checked, this was Vancouver and it never stops raining.

Page four Clogs?

So I think I like the new spring/summer clog. I remember my best friends (very hippy) mom wearing them around the garden and even going as far as making them out of rubber boots she had cut short for ease of slipping on, and now they've hit the runways of Chanel! Pretty aren't they? I particularly like the YSL black slip on clogs. The smooth black leather and lack of dangly bits makes them a little sexier I think. A friend of mine has a pair of YSL booties...same thing...simple, glossy black goodness!