Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Page thirteen Man with the pearl shoes

I'm still kicking myself for not having my camera on me about three classes ago, when Brian was wearing the most amazing lilac coloured jeans with black cut off leather gloves etc etc other cool items. None the less, he's yet to disappoint, and today was not exception! I was sitting in class when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, glimmering pearlescent shoes! They're very CHANEL I think...Karl Lagerfeld would LOVE them! Maybe not Coco herself, but Karl for sure! Of course they're from Hong Kong...or "HK" as my Korean friend Ninette would say (everything's abbreviated these days.) So is his shirt...he is however wearing a very weather appropriate coat from Burberry in Vancouver. Certainly a handsome ensemble.

Now, Sandra... Precious! Everyday I look forward to turning around and seeing under the table what interesting footwear her or Jes will have on! Today, green satin ballet flats! Her top is a cat. A very graphic one that reminds me of Mondrian's "Red, Yellow and Blue" paintings...I think that for such a fun shirt, it's actually quite sophisticated non? tucked into high wasted black shorts and paired with a black leather jacket...sweet and simply...I like! I also like...ok I LOVE! her heart-shaped jeweled ring by Marc Jacobs! I don't know if I believe that less is more... sometimes I think "more is more!" granted that was quoted by Korey who has been mentored by drag queens...but about the's more! and with out would be less.

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