Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Page ten "yes dear?!"

If you want to see a girl who encompasses everything vintage, I must introduce you to Korey. We decided it was unfortunate she wasn't living during the 50's. Although I'm not sure how that era would've responded to her involvement in so many drag queen fashion shows and the rest of her "colourful" (as my grandmother would say) lifestyle! You will be seeing more of Korey in this blog, but for now...please appreciate her beautiful vintage 50's style dress that fits her to perfection, her tinted red lips and diamond necklace and the fact that the gays and queens have taught her to pose for the camera!

Michelle. Soon to be Meme Brooks. It was her birthday on Tuesday. On Monday night we dressed up vintage...kind of. She wore a nautical inspired dress, with kind of pop vintage mary jane shoes and big beautiful hoops! I wore a black and white striped dress and a fur stole. Not just any fur however, a REAL mink fur recently given to me from my mom who snagged it from my great's one of the most beautiful things I posses!

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