Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Page eleven Jess

I'm not a big fan of summer. It's hot...your legs stick to the seats on buses, you're sweating before you even get to work or school, you can't sleep, and tanning only makes me think of how leathery I'll look in 15 years...but it's coming. And there are lots of people who think I'm crazy and can't wait for heat, sun and tanning and pretty little spring/summer outfits!

That being said, this is one of the first signs of spring I've seen...and liked!

This is Jes. GIrly, but not too girly. The shirt is amazing! Floral, loose, and with a bit of a vintage feel. It's especially amazing because of the contrast it has against the super edgy black tights, black, wedge lace-up shoes and Marc Jacobs clutch. She's lovely! Also a girl who doesn't go out of her way to be center of attention, but certainly sweet, certainly stylish and although I don't know her super well right now...seems to have a personality as edgy as her outfit!

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