Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Page thirty Sweet Dimension

Like a cute little blond pixie she came in wearing an outfit like none other. Kate keyes (works at Skout and attends school with me) was wearing a heart shaped one piece with side leg square cut outs. The top is more feminine and had a slight texture to it and the bottom was strong, loose fitting and architectural. The outfit is from Motel and the blazer is from Zara. Don't judge a blond by their cover...me being brunette I have a hard time with this...anyways, she has the utmost respect for fashion and definitely knows how to achieve an edgy look but with a 'take me seriously' appearance.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Page twenty-eight almost famous fall

One of the first and best transitions from hot, sticky, sweaty horrible summer into crisp, cool, cozy fall! Meme Brooks...she wore a knit sweater over some kind of top (I dunno) belted which is the best part! much better than a shapeless old sweater (although they have their place too!!) a beautiful long skirt...which I'm going to take a second to explain that I'm almost through with short short hemlines...atleast with skirts, I like shorter skirts with tights, especially pleated ones...but it's so refreshing seeing a longer hemline, it almost feels new again!....now, the final touch is the frye boots...purchased last year at Rowansky...and they only get better with age! It's like she belongs in....some movie, I'll get back to that....anyways, I especially like the colour palette and pattern...moving into Autumn colours, sage greens, a little yellow, steel blue and brown...the skirt in a paisley type pattern looks somewhat bohemian but the over all silhouette is very put together! and to think, she was just coming over for a late night visit! Makes me think of the song 'spirit in the sky' for some reason...

Page twenty-seven Toms and Harem pants

Harem pants seem to 'finally' be making it to Vancouver! I feel like they've already been worn for a season, but oh wait, that's in Europe and I've just seen them in Vogue UK a thousand times so, pretend like you don't know.....I'm a bit undecided about this style however, I actually LOVE them in the sense that they're super comfortable and look great with a pair of multi-buckled high heels. I also like the exotic reference to India and to Poiret and his ethnic influenced fashion. Men, on the other hand, and those not interested in the fashion world, see them as 'dumpy' or MC Hammer pants...What do they know???

I LOVE that Linda wore them with a black lose fitting top that connects the pieces and doesn't make it look piece-ey. I also LOVE that she added an acid wash, cropped jean jacket with ruffled shoulders! The shoes are TOMS...I'm sad to say I hadn't heard of them until this moment. But now I know, and I won't forget! Blake Mycoskie created the idea while traveling and realizing how many kids were shoeless. So for every pair of TOMS shoes sold, a pair goes to a kid in need! I can't say enough about when fashion figures out a way to give back...so many people feel fashion is solely materialistic, and besides the fact that it is an art form and a form of self expression, it can also be a way to make a difference.

Page twenty-six Chanel up close

It's one thing to see Chanel, sitting pretty in the windows...too beautiful to touch and wondering if you wore something remotely good enough so you can walk in...It's another thing, to see Chanel up close, in person. There it was, real life, in MY living room, a vintage, brown leather quilted Chanel bag! My friend Alex borrowed it from her friend, "You know you're a good friend when..." Anyways, there's nothing quite like it...I almost think I love 'vintage' Chanel more than new....Who's was it? Where did they take it? What did they wear it with? My imagination wanders back to the twenties usually, with flapper dresses and long cigarette holders and cocktails and dancing and finger waved hair...but this bag is too big to be twenties...hmmm