Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Page twenty-eight almost famous fall

One of the first and best transitions from hot, sticky, sweaty horrible summer into crisp, cool, cozy fall! Meme Brooks...she wore a knit sweater over some kind of top (I dunno) belted which is the best part! much better than a shapeless old sweater (although they have their place too!!) a beautiful long skirt...which I'm going to take a second to explain that I'm almost through with short short hemlines...atleast with skirts, I like shorter skirts with tights, especially pleated ones...but it's so refreshing seeing a longer hemline, it almost feels new again!, the final touch is the frye boots...purchased last year at Rowansky...and they only get better with age! It's like she belongs in....some movie, I'll get back to that....anyways, I especially like the colour palette and pattern...moving into Autumn colours, sage greens, a little yellow, steel blue and brown...the skirt in a paisley type pattern looks somewhat bohemian but the over all silhouette is very put together! and to think, she was just coming over for a late night visit! Makes me think of the song 'spirit in the sky' for some reason...

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