Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Page twenty-six Chanel up close

It's one thing to see Chanel, sitting pretty in the windows...too beautiful to touch and wondering if you wore something remotely good enough so you can walk in...It's another thing, to see Chanel up close, in person. There it was, real life, in MY living room, a vintage, brown leather quilted Chanel bag! My friend Alex borrowed it from her friend, "You know you're a good friend when..." Anyways, there's nothing quite like it...I almost think I love 'vintage' Chanel more than new....Who's was it? Where did they take it? What did they wear it with? My imagination wanders back to the twenties usually, with flapper dresses and long cigarette holders and cocktails and dancing and finger waved hair...but this bag is too big to be twenties...hmmm

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