Saturday, 29 January 2011

Page fifty-one I prefer "inexpensive"

New!! Spring/Summer 2011 ads from Cheap Monday, posted by one of my favorite stores, Vincent Park. Next paycheck I'm going. I will report back to you what I couldn't afford to buy but did anyways. Also, if you haven't been, you definitely should. At the very least they have a photo booth for goodness sakes!
Here is one of the photos I see more, visit ....they're no longer on wordpress, this is their lovely website!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Page fourty-nine Chelsie again

She thinks she bought this off of E-bay...vintage I's almost art deco, the stitching in the front, and the design of the tights. I love how the fabric of vintage clothes looks like upholstery you might see on a couch. Those little balls that make the texture seem less mass produced. The earrings are pheasant or something, but with the same brown and earthy neutral tones as in the dress. God I love her!! how can you not look at the full picture of her laughing and not want to be friends??? or at least stare at her outfits in class...hahah!

Page fourty-eight Chelsie Lately

I love the girls who stand out amongst all the valley girls and top 40 lovers and even the ones who, although they look put together, bought their entire outfit from Aritzia... Chelsie just began the fashion merchandising program this term. I like her dark hair, her glasses and her almost "Thelma" from Scooby Doo-like qualities...I always thought she was the hotter one anyways.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Page fourty-five Rue Amelie

She left a little confused and tired from all her Interior Design homework, but she came back looking completely confident, self aware and sexy pretty Euro-beautiful!! Amelie D'anjou went to Paris. She brought back with her...a cape, a soft pink quilted Chanel-ish purse and this beautiful black lace and off white chiffon dress! And on her feet, black boots. Edgy but with a victorian style detail stitched on them...laces loosely done up...perfect. The thing with going to Europe, is that you dress up! It's almost hard to explain unless you've been. When you're there, everyone dresses up...and I don't mean decked out to the nines...I mean, they put thought, they express themselves and even their dressed down is dressed up, with a scarf or accessories or their hair is done or whatever. It's so nice. So so nice. Then you come back home and for a while, you still have this ingrained mentality of putting on a dress, and adding some sort of fashionable or stylish edge to yourself...could be bangs, lipstick, paint your nails....the thing is, you dress for style, not for sexy...that's what it is! Anyways, I love love love this outfit! and I'm excited to see the other outfits she brought back for herself!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Page fourty-four school casual

Page fourty-three all the way from...

All the way from Scottland! My dear friend Jess. I don't know one person who doesn't love to receive a parcel or a package with little pressies inside! All the stamps and handwritten addresses...the more clutter on the package, the better it is! Inside...wrapped in vintage floral fabric with a rusty orange bow and polite little greeting tags were the most delightful treats! a paneled necklace with jewels! a magnet that says "love love love," and a luggage tag with a cute little winking face like betty boop or something! is that a hint?? the luggage tag?? It doesn't take much to lure me back to the United Kingdom...Anyways...Thank you! thank you! it's so nice to have so many friends who "get me."

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Page fourty-two love in your eyes

I'm still loving my red hair! every time I pull a strand in front of my face I can't believe it's my own...but it's fun! for me it's good cause I usually don't wear a lot of colour, so it brightens things up and actually provokes me to consider wearing more colour. My sunglasses are one of those pieces I feel Main Street cool in. They're vintage and have iridescent hearts on them. You could say they're pretty rad...cause they are.