Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Page fourty oh na na, what's my name?

why the eff not??? Love it and Love the lovely lady who did it!!! Linda from "Do" hair salon downtown Vancouver! moa!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Page thirty-nine street girl or ballerina

So, it's no secret that fashion is a form of self expression. We can't help judge someone based on first impression. So then, when you wake up to get dressed, how do you best represent yourself that day? I personally have a few favorite personas. Margot Tennenbaum or Emily the strange, Rihanna/ghetto urban get yo nails did girl, professional all business, and going to the island super natural back to my roots girl.
Speaking of ghetto urban get yo nails did girl....a picture of my nails, black with white hearts...cute right???
Willow Smith, love her! and hope you can see her nails for W magazine. They even attached a chain with a "W" hanging on one nail.
I also may or may not have a little obsession with Hello Kitty....so I'm pretty in love with the third picture.
The last picture is a Vancouver girl with a blog http://candy-paint.tumblr.com/ nice to see.

Page thirty-eight vintage

I've been a little lost for words on this....it's beautiful! First of all, I've always loved these tones.... lavender, cement grey, mauve, taupe, cream and nude pink etc....it always makes me think of buttery leather bags and the same tube of lipstick for years your grandmother has. Everything looks and smells like the memory of seeing your navy man off to war or something! Anyways....the following photo is of my grandmother, Selmina's, vanity...."vanity" need I say more???