Sunday, 16 January 2011

Page fourty-five Rue Amelie

She left a little confused and tired from all her Interior Design homework, but she came back looking completely confident, self aware and sexy pretty Euro-beautiful!! Amelie D'anjou went to Paris. She brought back with her...a cape, a soft pink quilted Chanel-ish purse and this beautiful black lace and off white chiffon dress! And on her feet, black boots. Edgy but with a victorian style detail stitched on them...laces loosely done up...perfect. The thing with going to Europe, is that you dress up! It's almost hard to explain unless you've been. When you're there, everyone dresses up...and I don't mean decked out to the nines...I mean, they put thought, they express themselves and even their dressed down is dressed up, with a scarf or accessories or their hair is done or whatever. It's so nice. So so nice. Then you come back home and for a while, you still have this ingrained mentality of putting on a dress, and adding some sort of fashionable or stylish edge to yourself...could be bangs, lipstick, paint your nails....the thing is, you dress for style, not for sexy...that's what it is! Anyways, I love love love this outfit! and I'm excited to see the other outfits she brought back for herself!

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