Sunday, 25 April 2010

Page twelve Hippy meets mod

My ladies, Amy and Michelle (Meme Brooks.) Michelle is the best at creating an outfit you would NEVER see on a mannequin! I love the mix of patterns...kind of a 70's, winter cabin knit cardy, woven belt, jean skirt, "shocking pink" tights that tie in the scarf and tan leather, perforated boots that give the whole out fit a casual, "let's go to an outdoor concert" kind of feel!

So...vintage can come from many different eras...Amy is lady who LOVES art history! We always talk about how she'll be curating in a fabulous gallery, like Charlotte in Sex and the City! It seems fitting that here, she's embraced a 50's kind of pop art/twiggy look! The black and white contrast, black "go-go-ish" boots and short pixie cut are super "Mod." And if you look closely...there are little fabric covered buttons on her beautifully stitched white blouse, and her tweed-ish dress give it texture and a girly dimension.

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