Friday, 10 September 2010

Page thirty-two poor Joey

Today Amelia wore an army green jumber, an oversized linen blazer and boots. Pretty simple, easy and wearable...if your ass doesn't stretch the bottom part of the jumper like mine does and throw off the proportions of the suit...anyways! Of course it's all about her accessories! Florescent pink nail polish, a HUGE amber jewelled and gold coloured ring, big funky sunglasses and last and most certainly not least....her patchwork fur satchel style bag. What is it made out of you ask? well baby kangaroo fur of course!! I'm not a supporter of killing animals for fur, but it's vintage. I have some vintage fur pieces and I guess for arguments sake, should you not wear it if someone's all ready killed it a lllooonnng time ago? Perhaps it shouldn't be allowed anymore, but for the pieces that are all ready done, they should be appreciated non? Kangaroo fur is a new one to me however.

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