Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Page twenty-two Roadie

Imagine yourself at a let's say...Fritz Helder and the Phantoms concert, at let's say...the Biltmore or something....Yelling to your friend over the noise, "this is f*#kin rad!" Before this, you didn't know what to wear so you threw on your favorite T-shirt from a concert you wish you were alive to go to, a vintage skirt and a shit load of accessories! It's not like you put on look cute! but the cute turns into hot because you're so excited about the show that whatever you're wearing is now the uniform for being "the coolest chic ever!" THIS is how these girls, Kyla and Robyn dress every day! Every morning they come into class like, wherever they were before, you should've been! and wherever they're going later, is probably sold out! Yes Robyn has orange highlights in her hair, and they're saaweeet! It wasn't important to find out where they're clothes were from exactly because, as she (Kyla) exhaled from her cigarette and laughed she said..."uh ya, this is mostly from vintage stores!" and that's why it's not something you find on the racks at H&M. Love these girls!

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