Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Page thirty-seven Unpredictable

Amanda...First day I saw her, she came clicking into class wearing heels that certainly looked vintage, and certainly could have been. I drew my eye up from her feet, seeing her two lip piercings and a fairly unimpressed look...not with anyone in particular, just someone who takes fashion seriously and isn't just about liking to shop. She sat in the FAR corner of the class and it was completely obvious to me you'd never find her walking out with pants that say TNA on the ass! haha...anyways, she's always intrigued me. This outfit is a perfect! A plaid print knit skirt, a beautifully fitted navy vest, a bow tie AND! a sweater clip! It wasn't until I saw this outfit that I began thinking about sweater clips...I've added an image of an amazing sweater clip from Etsy with owls on it! They have lots more including black roses with a pearl strand connecting them. So far, I think she likes vintage silhouettes and resurrecting styles and elements people haven't seen in a while...something that's not easy to do.

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