Sunday, 8 January 2012

Page Sixty Ladies Who Lunch

This morning I had brunch with the lovely ladies I'm friends with in London. Sarah, Rhi, Lorna, Jess and I all went to Le Chandelier in East Dulwich. Inside are mix matched chairs, cake plates with many delicious treats, an assortment of vintage tea cups and of course, loads of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. One of the major discussions I've been having this new year, is making time for yourself and making sure you're living YOUR life, whether you are in a relationship, dating or single. Simple things like meeting for a cup of tea or taking the dogs for a walk (which Jess and I did after brunch) are the chicken soup for the soul type things you simply have to make time for. When I got dressed for the occasion.. I wore my red leopard print pencil skirt, a black turtle neck knit sweater and my fur. If you can't wear your fur to Sunday brunch with the girls...where can you wear it?

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Lorna said...

It really was lovely. I am looking forward to the 'standing up eating crisps' dinner party. I will bring take away menus.... xxxx