Friday, 29 April 2011

Page Fifty-seven Obakki

Myself and Nikole

There was an episode on Sex and the City where Carrie caught Big coming out of church with his mom and then later expressed how she loved it and the idea of Church fashion and elegance. Last night me and the girls (Nikole, Nikki and Robyn) went to the Obakki Fall 2011 show at St. Andrews Church in Vancouver We waited for the doors to open, in high heels and flowing dresses, skirts, bows and sparkles, satin, coats and sunglasses and every other accessory,and then the doors opened and we all took our seats in the pews. The smell of incense and candles burning (clusters of them glowing up the corners of the stage) were somewhat nostalgic and magical. The show itself was nothing short of spectacular. Completely wearable, elegant, sexy, feminine and flattering, and the audience admired each piece, keeping a mental shopping list. Proceeds of the event, and the brands primary focus, goes to the Obakki Foundation, an organization supporting many humanitarian causes. A film at the end of the show was beautifully presented, showing people in Africa and our connection to them,further emphasizing their role in the fashion industry and reminding the audience that Obakki the brand, is more than just a fashion label. Visit the website here and watch the show and view the collection for yourself.

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