Friday, 26 March 2010

Page one The beginning

Ok I'm just gonna write something! I'm thinking too much about it. I can remember always wanting to be like my two older brothers. So when my mom dressed me up, it was like the victorian ages. Lace socks with ruffles on the top, white lace nylons, a dress of course...with lace on it somewhere I'm sure, and my hair would be in two matching side braids curled up like two dog ears with barrettes that matched my dress. And patent leather shoes!
This was all then torn off around the house and a t-shirt and shorts was put on. I think I always kept my hair though, I liked having my hair done and everything else dressed down and ready to climb trees or something.
My grandmother would always knit me sweaters. Always in purple. One for me, and one for my doll. I was always more concerned with how the doll looked. Should her hair be in braids? should she swap this bracelet for the one on the other doll?
Perhaps this is where my appreciation for styling began?

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